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We are Dave and Karen from Georgia.
Join us on our YouTube Channel as we continue our full time RV retirement journey since December of 2017.
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💪 Watcha Doin' Now Dave? 🍺

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Dave loves projects.  He's always performing maintenance, repairs or creating something new when it comes to Leroy our Truck, Dixie our RV, Tator Tote our Freedom Hauler trailer, Zippy our Smart Car or our generator or something else. 

✅ Check out his projects...even those that create an additional problem by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. See if you can guess how many beers the projects warrant.

🚍HDT, DRV, Tote & Smart Car

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We have a unique set up.  Check it out through tours of our set up or the operation of the equipment, performing repairs or just showing how things work on our heavy duty truck (HDT), RV, tote, Smart Car, generator or Spyders.

✅ Check out our set up by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos which includes our:

Tow Vehicle (RV Hauler): 2009 Volvo 780 D-16 HDT, Engine tuned to 535hp, converted bed for the Smart Car or the 2 Spyders, singled out with a 2.64 rear end ratio and I-Shift transmission.

RV: 2015 DRV Mobile Suites 38RSB3

Daily Driver: 2014 Smart Car Passion For Two

Trailer: 6 foot Freedom Hauler (Idaho Tote)

Play Toys: Two Can-Am F3T Spyders (2016 & 2018)


⛺Campground Reviews/Tourist Areas

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It's always best to see the truth about campgrounds before you go. If we fit, you know you'll fit if you have a big rig. Our reviews show you the campsites, amenities and what we like or don't like about the campgrounds.  We try to include drone footage when possible. More recent reviews now include a "Campground Report Card" where we grade the park on 10 items. We usually include local eats and tourists areas so you can decide whether or not you want to visit them.  We also include information on National Parks, boondocking and Walmart stays.

✅ Check out campgrounds across America by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. 

🔨Maintenance & Repairs

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There is a lot of maintenance and sometimes repairs on a heavy duty truck, RV, tote and Smart Car. Dave is a very handy guy and can fix almost anything, and does a lot of maintenance including everything from tires, brakes, landing gear, water tanks, appliances, caulking, batteries and more.  Sometimes we have to go to the Pros and sometimes that makes things worse. 

✅ Check out the maintenance and repairs by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. 


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Once in a while, we meet some really nice RV full-timers that let us interview them. We have interviewed families, RV dealership owners, a solo female full-timer, and those that built their own rig.  We really enjoy meeting these people and hope you enjoy their stories. We also included some "interview-type" videos of us sharing our views and thoughts with you.

✅ Check out the different interviews by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. 

🛵Can-Am Spyders & Rydes

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We meet a lot of cool people with motorcycles while camping and going to rallies. Sometimes we ride to tourist areas, up into the mountains, and once in awhile we get lucky and some locals will join us and take us on a guided tour.  Check out some of our rides to some of the most beautiful places in the US.  Some of the rides are mixed in with other videos.

✅ Check out the different rides we have taken by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. 

👩‍🍳WoW Recipes

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Once in a while we get a little creative using our smoker, grill, griddle or Instant Pot.  Check out our Watts On Wheels (WoW) recipes.  Some are tried and true, others are on the fly and some are even low-carb.  You may find something that looks really good and maybe some not so good.  Either way, we always have fun.

✅ Check out our recipes we have created by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. 

👀Interesting Stuff

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Sometimes we just want to share stuff we think some of you may be interested in.  It could be about items that we have purchased, costs to RV, saving money, setting up reservations, lessons we have learned, how we sold our sticks and bricks to go full time, our houseboat or anything else that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.

✅ Check out some of these things by clicking on the picture to take you to the associated videos. Who knows, you may learn something new.

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RV retirement journey

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