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Eating At A Restaurant OH MY!

5/10/20 Who would of thought that you could get excited about eating out at a restaurant. We haven't eaten at a 'real' restaurant since February. We had take out fast food and/or pizza about 5 times over the past 10 weeks. But now that the Stay-in-Place mandate is being lifted, restaurants are opening up.

We were staying at The Oaks at Point South in Yemassee, SC and there are no restaurants nearby. So, we jumped on our Spyders and took an hour long low country ride into Savannah. We knew there would hardly be anyone there and maybe only a couple of shops open. We did find a few restaurants with take out.

Then we found Joe’s Crab Shack serving on their deck…EUREKA! We were so excited to get seafood and be WAITED ON. They were only allowing people to sit at the picnic tables along the railing and at every other one. The servers were wearing masks and gloves. The interesting part was, they had us rip up the menu once we ordered so no one else would touch it.

Dave got fried cod and I had the spicy shrimp tacos. Both were outstanding. The waiter was great, so we gave him a big tip. It was soooo good to eat out!

A few days later we decided to ride the Spyders into Hilton Head Island, only about 45 minutes away. We wanted to eat at a recommended restaurant, The Salty Dog, but found out they did not allow motorcycles into that private area of the island. Across the street we saw Marley’s Shrimp and Burger Shack and their patio was open. We didn’t get waited on, but ordered like at a Dairy Queen. I had the shrimp chowder and Dave had another cod fish sandwich. Again, both were very good.

It was so good to get out again. Just trying to do our share of getting the economy going again. :)

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