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Finally...Off to Florida!

We are finally heading out for a 4-month excursion to warmer weather.

This Year Has Been a Trying One for Us

I had spent months putting together a 6-month trip out west but my knee surgery was later than expected and not healing as fast as we had hoped. Then the cost of diesel sky rocketed and Yellowstone flooded. Dave has also been having problems with his back and finally had an MRI indicating his entire lumbar section disks are bulging and is hoping to get epidural shots in his back before we leave for Florida at the end of November. I guess the out west trip was not supposed to happen. We hope to do it in the future.

We ended up being at the houseboat for many more months than expected. But, it’s not a bad place to be since we were able to take the houseboat out to islands and boondock on the beach. We did get a few shorter RV trips in to a local campground, one in Hayesville, NC, one in Panama City, FL and one in Dillard, GA.

Click on pics to see the videos:

💪 Dave Keeps Busy

Dave was able to get some maintenance things done on the truck and RV. You have probably seen some of the videos on these too.

Truck: Changed oil, changed fuel filter, seat air leak repair, brake line air leak repair, and trying to get water out of the fuel tanks.

RV: Replaced water pump, replaced AC Unit, added support to slide floor, checked for cracks in the frame, fixed broken closet shelf, replaced keyless entry door lock, reinstalled stereo electronics and replaced the refrigerator.

🥶 Baby, it's Cold Outside

Now that it is getting cold here in Georgia (no snow, thank goodness), we are ready to head out to warmer weather.

Last year we went to Quartzsite, AZ but this year we decided to stay closer to home and head south to Florida. We are basically going to go down the gulf side, to the middle of the Keys and then back up the Atlantic side then swing through SC and Savannah, GA.

We will be staying in USACE, Thousand Trails, Private and Water Conservation areas along with a casino. We will be boondocking at a few places to finally get to use our solar panels. We will be taking our Spyders and Zippy so we can travel wherever we want, but for sure to Key West on the Spyders.

⛺ Have Any Recommendation?

We are looking forward to getting on the road full time again and hope the hurricanes stay away. If you know of a restaurant or site seeing tourist place we need to see in the cities on the map above, let me know.

You can see what campgrounds we will be staying at on our calendars on our “Find Us” page of our website. Maybe we will cross paths with some of you.

Be safe and happy trails no matter where you end up this winter.

Dave & Karen

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1 Comment

Hey guys we are in Savannah GA until after the holidays with my family then we are head back to Florida in January. Our first stop will be in Tampa for the RV show then we head to Okeechobee for the rest of the winter... It's a bit cold her in Savannah but far better than what it is in Pennsylvania.. And unlike Philly, I don't have to worry about getting shot at for going to the store... BTW, with all the work that Dave did, Did you ever add up the total amount of beer consumed... 😂🤣😂 Safe Travels.. Herbie & Mary, @Redjaguar 100 Travels.

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