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Quartzsite Here We Come!

We have been to Quartzsite, Arizona twice: in January 2019 and January 2021.

The first time was only for a couple days, but we met some amazing people that had HDTs (Heavy Duty Trucks) and others during an RVillage meet-up.

HDTers RVillage Meet-Up

We got a ride in the mountains on a RZR from some people we met, had some fun campfire stories and checked out the big tent and vendors.

Dwain gives us a ride Mountain trails

Firepit Big Tent

The second time we met up with HDTers and made some new lifetime friends, rented an ATV and checked out the big tent.

HDTers ATV Fun

ATV Flat Tire Big Tent

2022 Meet-Up

We are planning to attend again this year and meet up with HDTers for about a month at the end of January thru much of February during the Big Tent RV Show to be held January 22 – 30.

We will probably be in Las Posa South as they have dump stations and drinking water along with vault toilets and dumpsters. The cost is $40 for 14 days and there is a Ranger Station in which you register and pay as you arrive.

Free and Long Term Camping Areas LaPosa South

People arrive at all different times, so the actual final destination is unknown right now.

In order to keep up with location and other things, check out this new Group Facebook Page called HDTs in Quartzsite.

Click here FOR OUR BLOG on what we do to prepare for long term boondocking.

Click here for the video (intro to Blog)

See our first trip to Quartzsite video by clicking here.


If you are a YouTube Subscriber and want to meet some of your fellow YouTube video makers, check back on the "HDTs in Quartzsite" Facebook page, as once people arrive and know where they are, they can post if they want to. Otherwise, contact them through regular Social Media methods.

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