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Sneak Peak of the Houseboat

Be the first to see our houseboat transformation. It’s been a long road renovating the “Houseboat” to be our “Homeboat”. Thanks Sonia for that new word.

Since you have subscribed to our Website or Facebook, you are receiving this “Unlisted” link to a video on our “Almost Done” homeboat.




It was time to have the houseboat roof re-gel-coated and repairs made to any soft spots or cracks. This was one job that we did not want to tackle so we called in the pros from a referral. We knew this would take about a week, so all furniture was brought down and put on the dock finger. Many cracks and soft spots were found and repaired.

Things were going along fine, until the manufacturer provided the wrong hardener to be mixed with the other chemicals. The coating went on fine, but it would not harden up and was sticky. So, they added more hardener on top of that coat. We figured that probably wasn’t going to work, and we were right. They tried it again and then it rained and made a gooey brown mess.

Finally, ONE MONTH LATER, they brought in “the lake’s biggest pro” for this sort of thing for a consultation and ended up stripping the sticky hardener off with sand paper and acetone and they redid the whole thing. It looks good and basically has two coats on it now. Luckily we paid $0 up front, so they finally got it right in order to get paid and also gave us 25% off for the hassle.


I saw something on HGTV where they took pieces of wood and cut them at different angles and made a headboard out of it. It added interest and texture to the room.

So, I took this idea and designed a light for above the island. We wanted to add 4 small LED puck lights and LED rope lighting on top to shine on the ceiling. I wanted it to be white to blend in with the ceiling, but make the wood strips blue to match the island color. So here was my design I made for Dave to try and figure out how we were going to do this.

This was actually way harder than we thought. Cutting the angles of the wood strips wasn’t much fun, but hanging this bad boy up was quite the challenge. Here is the end result:


There are so many cuts when putting laminate flooring in a houseboat and Dave’s back wasn't liking that idea and I can’t kneel with a bad knee, so we decided to hire the installation job out to a pro. We found a guy that has been doing this for about 20 years and only does houseboats. He also knows how to make the floor hatches flush with the floor with no trip hazards. He and his helper were on time every day, cleaned up everyday and did an awesome job. Well worth paying someone to do this.




We decided on quartz for a clean updated look. We wanted a little veining but not a lot. I went shopping at 3 different places to start the search so I could narrow it down for Dave to make the final pick. He wasn’t in love with anything until we got to the last store. I showed him what I liked, but then he walked out to the slabs and said, “What about this one?”. Boom, there it was and I never noticed it before.

So, we had them come out to do the templates and then they came to install them. BUT, THERE WAS A PROBLEM! There was a defect in the stone on the island countertop. Small, but there is no shine and it could not be buffed out. They had to send the stone representative out and he said, “Yep, it’s a defect.” So now we are waiting for a new piece before we pay in full. Always something. But we love how it looks.


During a really bad summer storm, our front enclosure canvas got torn up and we decided to have a new enclosure installed. But this one would be partially with screen instead of Isinglass (plastic) windows which turns the front deck into a sauna in the summer. We also had a hard door added in place of a flap canvas door. The screen provides more privacy as you can’t see in if it’s lighter outside than inside. We just love it.




We still need to:

1. Grout the backsplash

2. Paint the interior doors

3. Put molding around the windows and walls

4. Paint the ceiling in the pantry

5. Put the faucet and drain in the bar sink

6. Paint and install toe kicks around cabinets

7. Paint and install base molding around the flooring

8. Sell and replace some of the furniture and finish decorating

We will post the last video when completed with all the details in a few weeks. Thanks for visiting.



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