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Walmart Boondocking & The Police

5/18/20 We were traveling from Yemassee, SC near Hilton Head, SC to Arley, Alabama which would be about a 9 hour trip with stops. So we decided to stay at a Walmart one night to break up the drive. We stayed at the Walmart in Bremen, GA west of Atlanta.

It was a large, clean parking lot with cameras and lots of lights. It was in a nice neighborhood. I used to find this Walmart and called in advance to make sure it was OK to stay there and to see where they wanted us to park. The weather was warm and we put out the slides.

When I opened the door to the RV I said, "Oh No!". Dave came to the door to see what had happened. The glass shade on the light above the dining table had fallen and exploded on the table. It put cuts and scrapes on the table and we had glass all over the entire kitchen, dining area and living room. It was everywhere. After driving all this time, this was the last thing we wanted to do, that being cleaning up glass shards. It probably took us 45 minutes to clean it up and it was hot in the RV after driving in the sun and heat.

We still had over an hour of shopping to do as we hadn't been to a store in almost 3 weeks. We ran the generator to charge up the batteries and ran the A/C to get the heat out of the RV.

We watched some people drive by slowly taking pictures and giving us the thumbs up. We finally went shopping and had their rotisserie chicken for dinner. As it got dark out, we watched TV and the parking lot became empty except for a few employee cars.

We thought all was well, until a black police car pulled up next to us and very slowly circled all the way around us. We were already thinking, "Oh no, where will we go?". We were tired. We were sweaty. We just wanted to rest. The police officer decided to come back around again and Dave decided it was time to go out and see what was up.

As Dave walked out the door, the police officer said, "I'm just being nosy. I just had to check this out. Your set up is awesome. You guys are doing it right." Dave thanked him and the police officer continued to go on by saying, "I can't wait to retire. I want to sell my home and get a boat and go to the Caribbean." Dave said, "That sounds like a good plan". The police officer then told us the area was safe and we shouldn't have any problems there and to have a good night. We gave him our card so he could check out our YouTube channel. He said don't be surprised if a couple more police cars come by to check out your set up. We had an uneventful, quiet night and felt secure with the extra police patrols.

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