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Should I Go On Shark Tank?

Back in 1998 in Michigan I (Karen) started making homemade soup and cookie mixes in mason jars. They contained the dry ingredients and the magical seasoning that makes them delicious. To make the recipe, you would just have to add the wet ingredients. We sold them at Flea Markets and Craft Shows and really enjoyed making up the recipes.

Then we decided that the mason jars were too heavy, too costly and could break. So I knew I needed to reinvent our packaging. I came up with another idea of putting the mixes in old-fashion muslin sacks that we named "Sack It To Ya" with cute cartoon labels with silly names. At one point I had nearly 20 recipes in sacks and people would say "You should go on Shark Tank".

The sacks were a great hit and I started to sell them on-line at as well. Dave and I did many Craft Shows, ended up in the Newspaper, won a Chili Cook-Off Contest and other awards.

Had to Reinvent Again

At the end of 2017, we had sold our home and bought the RV and truck to travel full-time and knew we would have to discontinue making the sacks due to there being no room to make or store them on the RV. To that end, we took a couple years off from making them, but I really missed it. We started a YouTube channel called Watts On Wheels to chronicle our retirement travels.

On our YouTube channel we started adding recipes and came up with a BBQ rub that we absolutely love. Several people that have tried it, have said, "You should sell this stuff". So, we got to thinking... why not? Let's package it. So, we started to take a look at our previous Sack It To Ya recipes and decided to start packing some of them as well. We decided to call them "WoW (Watts on Wheels) Badass Seasonings".

The Lasagna Soup was our #1 Seller and Martha StewFart Chili won a Chili Cook-Off. If you think about it, the seasoning is what makes the recipe. The dry ingredients like pasta, beans, rice, etc., that was previously in the sacks, are readily available at grocery stores. After all, the seasoning is what made the recipe and was the most expensive part of the mixes.

CLICK HERE to see a Video about it >>>


We now have 5 seasoning mixes packaged in food grade, heat sealed plastic containers. Each one contains 8 ounces of seasonings with no chemical crap. The Lasagna seasoning will makes 3 - 64 ounce batches of soup. The Chili seasoning will make 5 - 64 ounce batches. You add the dry and wet ingredients.

SEE THE RECIPES, MULTIPLE USES FOR THE SEASONINGS, INSTANT POT IDEAS, AND TO ORDER. There is also a QR Code on the bottom of each container that you can scan to take you to the recipes as well.

Great for Christmas gifts for friends and campers. Hope to receive your order soon.

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